Different Repairs That Prolong The Life Of Your Home's Driveway

Posted on: 19 December 2014


Instead of replacing your home's driveway, you should look into the different repair options. In many cases, these repairs will prolong the life of your driveway so you will not have to replace it. By understanding your options, you will have an easier time choosing the best repairs for your needs.

Patchwork Repair

One of the most common problems with a driveway is holes that become larger if left untreated. These holes develop from chemicals (like gasoline) or ice that work their way into your driveway's top layer. When left untreated, the holes will increase in size by creating additional cracks that will continue to damage your driveway.

The easiest method for handling this problem is patchwork repair. With this method, the paving company cleans out the hole and removes any loose debris. Then the company will compact the soil in the base of the hole, so that the new filler material will have a solid base.

With this new base, the pavers will fill in the hole and then level it off, so you have a smooth top layer. This process works well for small or large holes, though it is best to handle this type of work before the problem starts to create additional issues, which may require you to replace your driveway.

Porous Materials

Another common issue is water pooling, which damages the surface of your driveway by creating cracks or holes that you would need to repair. Water typically pools because the slope of driveway does not direct the water to edges where it can then flow into the street. In the past, the only viable option was to remove the driveway, correct the slope and then lay a new driveway.

However, you now have other options, such as using porous asphalt or concrete. This material type allows the water to seep into the driveway's surface and then into the ground beneath your driveway. By utilizing this material, you do not have to worry about water damaging your driveway.

Additionally, the paving company only needs to remove the section that develops pools of water to complete this process. In most cases, the only difference is that these materials have a "popcorn", or speckled look, when compared to traditional asphalt or concrete. The speckled look comes from the reduced amount of filler materials that gives most driveways their smooth finish.

When your driveway has some type of issue, you need a reliable solution to your problem. You could replace it, but there are also repair options that may be better for your needs. By taking the opportunity to look through the different repair options, you can choose the right method for prolonging the life of your home's driveway. Speak with experts like Armour Pavement Inc for more info.