Choose The Right Kind Of Dock For Your Needs

Posted on: 16 January 2015


If you have spent the money to buy a lakeside property and you have a boat, you need to have someplace to put that boat. You can't haul it up on solid ground every time you are done. You could end up damaging your boat that way. What you need is a dock. A dock will give you a good place to secure your boat when it is not in use. It also gives you an easy way to access your boat. Docks can also be a good place to sit and fish, jump into the lake and swim, or just sit and enjoy the view. But first, you need to have that dock. 

Types of Lake Boat Docks

When you are getting ready to build your boat dock, you have some choices. 

Floating Docks

A floating dock isn't secured to anything under the lake's surface. It is secured to the shore so that it doesn't just float away. A floating dock just floats on the surface, which means that it can go up and down as the level of the lake changes. While lakes don't change their water level the way the ocean or rivers do, they do change when there is excessive rain or a long time without rain. A floating dock means that your dock should always be right on the same level of your boat. 

Floating docks can be made of one long piece, or they can be made up of several sections. One of the benefits of using a floating dock is that it may be able to be removed during the winter. If your lake freezes up in the winter, pulling your dock up before winter can keep it from being damaged. Another benefit is that they can be installed quickly; that's because they don't necessarily have to be built on-site. 

Stationary Docks

A stationary dock doesn't change its height at all. It doesn't matter what the level of the lake is, your dock will be at the same height. They can be made up of wood or aluminum. You could also have a dock made up of a durable plastic. These boats are secured to the shore, but they are also secured to the ground under the lake's surface. 

A stationary dock has some benefits. One is that you can add features to it. That's because your dock is permanent. If you want to add something like a refrigerator or shelter to your dock, you know that it will be there because your dock won't move. There are a couple of drawbacks. One of them is that if the lake level changes too much you may have a hard time getting to your dock. It may be under water or too high up for your boat to use easily. 

Having a nice lakeside property means that you can enjoy the view. It also means that you can get out on your boat easily. A dock makes both those things much easier. Talk to your construction experts, such as Abbott's Construction Services Inc., for more information.