How To Get Southern Sophistication In Your Mainland Apartment

Posted on: 5 February 2015


If you love the look of Southern architectural style and want to integrate the design into your mainland apartment, there are a few ways you can achieve the look you're going for, even without total renovation. Getting the laid-back sophistication of a Key West Conch house is possible on almost any budget and in any abode, if properly attempted. So if you're ready to get a relaxed atmosphere in your apartment, there are a few things you need to try.

Add Color

Vibrant colors are an identifying feature of traditional Key West style, with limes, yellows, corals, and pinks that dominate the palette. Adding even one wall of intense color can help you create a backdrop of drama, and it will provide you with a foundation for decorative accents and pattern play. 

Choose a color that you're drawn to most, and if vibrant colors aren't exactly your thing, consider a pastel version for something new and low-key. Though vibrant colors are common to find in Key West interiors, white paint is also an alternative that can go well with vivid accents, art, and window updates.

Update The Windows

Update the interior windows with plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are an iconic part of Southern style, from the deep southern states all the way to the Bahamas. If you did nothing else to your apartment, removing drapes or blinds and replacing them with shutters will give your space warmth and sophistication.

Plantation shutters come in stained or unfinished wood, as well as painted options, with styles that can both close or stay open. They are easy to install, provide optimal privacy, and will instantly update the look of your interior to something from the South. If you've chosen to keep a muted palette in your interior, plantation shutters from a company like Blinds & Shutters Direct offer you the chance to add a vibrant pop of color with paint.

Try Pattern Play

Incorporating patterns with decorative accents and upholstery will give you the look and feel of an eclectic Casa de Cayo Hueso. Patterns can be anything from classical to modern, and mixing colors and looks is definitely allowed. If you aren't sure which pattern goes best in your interior, consider using a pattern that you like in a bright color for one key furniture piece, like a sofa, or on decorative accents, like pillows, for a modern Key West update. Experimenting with different tones, textures, and patterns is a great method of reproducing an artistic Floridian enclave.