Tips For Conquering Common Asphalt Sealcoating Problems

Posted on: 23 February 2015


Maintaining your asphalt driveway is important for saving money and for keeping it nice looking as well. Many homeowners hire a professional for applying special sealcoating to their drives, while many others decide to save money and do it themselves. However, problems with sealcoating can occur, and many of them can be prevented if you take the right steps for preparation.

Examining The Surface Of Your Drive Prior To Sealcoat Application

Before you start putting down sealcoat on your driveway, taking the time to have a close look at it is extremely important. Ensuring there are no areas in need of attention before sealcoating is necessary to avoid problems later on. When you apply sealcoat over things like cracks or sand debris, you are essentially gluing those problems onto your drive. More problems will arise later on due to the ones you covered with sealcoat growing larger over time. Bear in mind sealcoat will not adhere to the asphalt surface covered in silt or sand, a mess you certainly want to avoid dealing with during your project or later on when the coating begins to loosen and come off in flakes.

Special Considerations About Cleaning Oily Areas On Asphalt

Many brands of sealcoating contain chemicals that will not adhere to oily areas on asphalt. However, the products you may use for cleaning off oil can also cause problems with sealcoating adherence as well. Some cleansers formulated to dissolve and remove oil contain solvents that will also breakdown the gluing properties in sealcoating. For the best and safest results for your final results, always choose natural cleaners that do not contain strong solvents. Dish detergent also works great. Check with your local home improvement store or the products safest to use for removing oil in your drive before sealcoating.

Smoothing Out The Lumps And Bumps

Uneven areas in your drive can be a sign of needed repairs, especially before you put down sealcoating. The aggregate used in some asphalt mixes has rocks that can work their way to the surface over time. When this happens in your drive, you want to make sure they are smoothed out before applying sealcoat. Some homeowners with experience in asphalt projects use a cold patch asphalt repair kit for smoothing out aggregate issues that have caused issues like potholes. If you have never used an asphalt repair kit, contacting a professional asphalt contractor is best for getting the most successful results. An asphalt professional not only has the best tools for the job, they also have the level of expertise necessary for obtaining the long lasting results.

Taking care of your driveway is an aspect of home maintenance that is important for protecting the investment you have in your property. Learning more about the best way to take care of your asphalt driveway is a good idea for helping become more informed about the repairs and maintenance choices you may need to make in the future.