Four Ways To Protect Your Home Against Storm Damage

Posted on: 2 July 2015


Whether you live in Tornado Alley, along a hurricane coast, or just have frequent wind or hail storms to contend with, taking steps to make your home more secure against storm damage is a smart idea. The following four security ideas provide the utmost in safety.

#1: Get Ready for Impact

The windows on your home are the biggest concern during any storm. Wind, hail, or blowing debris can shatter the glass or break a wooden door. Impact-resistant glass is less likely to break during a storm because it is thicker and more sturdy than standard window glass. Impact-resistant doors are made of metal, although in appearance, they still usually have the aesthetics of wood.

#2: Close the Shutters

Security shutters have long been the norm in hurricane-prone areas for protecting both windows and doors. The Florida Building Code requires shutters or impact-resistant glass in all homes in hurricane susceptible areas. Newer shutter designs can be an attractive addition to the home. They can be made to resemble exterior plantation shutters, or you can opt for a style that rolls up and disappears into the window frame when it's not in use. There are even automatic or remote-controlled varieties that you can shut with your computer or smart phone, which can save your home if a storm hits when you are out of town.

As an added benefit, these shutters can also protect your home against intruders or be used to lower your energy bills. Simply use the shutters to block the sun so the inside of your home doesn't heat up. For more information, contact Nevada Rolling Shutter Inc. or a similar company.

#3: Reinforce the Roof

Steel reinforced shingles may look like regular asphalt shingles, but they are more resistant to both impacts and wind damage. Another storm hardy option is metal. When getting the roof installed, request that the roofer use screws as opposed to normal roofing nails. This ensures the roofing material and the sheathing beneath are firmly anchored and less likely to blow off during a strong gale.

#4: Don't Overlook the Garage

This is especially important on home with attached garages. The flimsy metal or wood overhead doors that come standard on most garages won't stand up to hurricane-force winds. Make sure your door has an impact-resistant or pressure rating sticker on it. If not, you may want to either opt for a new door made to withstand storm damage, or you may consider reinforcing your current door. Reinforcement kits are available, which are installed on the inside of the garage door so they aren't visible. Another option is to install a rolldown security shutter over the door opening.