3 Signs That It's Your Well And Not Your Plumbing That Is Causing Poor Water Pressure

Posted on: 11 August 2015


If you have well water and are dealing with poor water pressure, you could be wondering if it's your well or your plumbing that is causing the problem. Although both problems could cause water pressure issues, there are a few ways that you can determine the difference. These are a few signs that your water pressure issues are being caused by your well and not your plumbing. If these things apply to you, then it's time to call a well pump service professional (such as one from Seismic Drilling) to come out and take a look at your well.     

1. Both Hot and Cold Water Are Affected

In some cases, people see that their cold water pressure is not affected and is working just fine while their hot water is coming out more slowly. In this situation, it's usually related to the plumbing that is connected to your water heater and is therefore not related to your well. Well-related problems will cause the water pressure to be poor when you are running water of any temperature.

2. All of the Water in Your Home Has Low Pressure

Have you found that some rooms in your home have good water pressure while others do not? If so, you should know that the plumbing in your home is probably to blame. This is usually an indication that there is something wrong with one or more of the pipes in your home. If your well is what is causing your poor water pressure, then you won't be dealing with different types of water pressure when you are using different sinks and tubs in your home. Instead, everything will have poor water pressure.

3. Your Outside Spigots Are Also Affected

If all of the water pressure inside of your home is poor, take the time to go outside and try your outside water spigots. Since your well probably carries water to both your outside spigots and the inside of your home, then even your outside water supplies should be affected. If the entire house is experiencing poor water pressure, but you have ample water pressure outside of the home, you may need to look into the plumbing that runs into your house.

Before you can do something about your water pressure problems, you have to determine what is causing them. These are a few signs that your well might be to blame. Otherwise, you may find that you are better off hiring a plumber to look into your water pressure issues.