Ways to Convince Pests to Leave Your Yard Alone

Posted on: 26 August 2015


If you live in an area where pests such as raccoons, skunks, bears, and deer are rampant, you want to do everything in your power to keep those pests from hanging out in your yard. Otherwise, they can get in your trash cans, destroy your garden, bring ticks in your yard, spread diseases, and even pose a safety risk to your pets and family. There are some simple steps you can take to make your yard less attractive to these pests.

Put up fencing

Fencing can also be very successful at keeping certain pests out, such as deer, bears, and rabbits. Your fence will need to be installed with those pests in mind. This way, you know it is tall enough to keep out the intended pests. If you don't want a fence up year-round, you can choose to have a temporary fence installed during certain seasons when wildlife poses a bigger problem for you.

Install motion activated sprinklers and lights

You can install sprinklers and lights that turn on when the sensors detect motion. The water will spray on the pests and chase them out of your yard. The lights will surprise them at night, causing them to flee. To enter your yard, you will need to shut off the sprinklers at the spigot so you don't activate them.

Protect your wood pile

Keep your wood pile fully covered with a tarp and secure the tarp to the ground. This will help cut down on the amount of pests that try to make a home out of your wood pile. You can place heavy rocks on the edges of the tarp. While this may not keep out small pests such as mice and rats, it can help with larger pests looking to nest, such as raccoons. While pests can tear through a tarp, the chances are good that they will continue on their way and look a home with an already existent entrance.

Keep fruit picked up

If you have fruit trees in your yard, you want to pick all the low hanging fruit and make sure you remove any that falls to the ground right away. Fruit trees are a big attraction for all kinds of pests. If you have a garden, you should also take care to pick all your veggies as soon as they are ready.

Seal your trash and pick up pet food

You want to remove any food sources from your property. Get a trash can with a tightly fitted lid on it and you can spray some vinegar on the top layer of trash as an added level of protection. Pick up any pet food bowls you leave out for your outside pets before you go to bed. Many types of wildlife will be drawn to dog and cat food.

These tips, such as renting a temporary fence from a company like A & R Rent-A-Fence should help you keep unwanted pests from wandering in your yard, causing problems for your household, as well as your pets.