Four Tips To Make Working With Fiber Cement Siding Easy And Safe

Posted on: 17 October 2015


The use of fiber cement siding is becoming a popular choice for the exterior finishes on homes. It is a durable material that is resistant to water damage, fire and insects. If you are considering doing your own siding installed, you may be considering using fiber cement siding. There are some things that you will want to know before you start installing your siding. Here are some tips for working with fiber cement materials:

1. Cutting The Materials Safely

It is important to be safe when cutting any materials. With fiber cement, there is even more dust that you do not want to breath. It is important to use dust masks and glasses. If you work with these materials a lot, there are even special tools available to reduce dust when cutting the materials. Another alternative is to use a saw with a dust collection system, which can be good for other projects that produce a lot of dust.

2. Leaving Space To Caulk Joints

Fiber cement siding is different from many other materials. When installing it, you will want to leave a small gap to caulk joints. This is important where it meets the corner boards or around windows. For the joints where to pieces meet, you can also add a piece of metal flashing behind the siding to reduce potential for leaks.

3. Using The Right Type Of Nails To Fasten Siding

You also need to choose the right type of nails to fasten the siding. Cement needs to be nailed with galvanized nails if you are using a hammer. If you are going to use a nail gun, use ring-shanked stainless steel nails. You want to make sure that the head of the nail is flush with the siding and not sunken into the siding, which can damage the material.

4. Repairing Paint Damage After Installation

Many of the fiber cement materials available today come already painted. During the installation process the paint can get damaged. After you install your siding, you will want to repair the paint to cover up any scratches and damage. You can get the paint for your siding from the manufacturer to do touch-up and repairs to your siding.

Fiber cement siding is similar to many other materials, but there are some tricks that can help you. To get ready to install your new cement siding, call a James Hardie siding supplier to get the materials you need for your project.