Two Tips For Maintaining Your Restaurant's Plumbing

Posted on: 2 November 2015


Running a restaurant can be a highly lucrative and enjoyable career, but it will entail addressing a number of maintenance issues for the building. In particular, a restaurant's plumbing will require special care due to the intense use that it must experience. Sadly, there are many restaurant owners and managers that do not fully understand the steps they can take to reduce the likelihood of encountering plumbing issues. Fortunately, you can use these two tips to help your restaurant's pipes continue to flow freely.

Time Your Drains

Over the course of time, the pipes in a restaurant will start to accumulate a large amount of food debris and grease. This can eventually stop water from flowing through the pipes, which can lead to a major plumbing backup. Fortunately, you can monitor the condition of your pipes by simply filing any sinks with water and timing how long it takes for it to fully empty.

By documenting how long this takes, you can have a solid understanding of what constitutes a normal time for the sinks to empty. If you perform this test on a regular basis, you will be able to determine whether or not the pipes are starting to develop clogs, which will allow you to have a plumber repair the issue before it becomes severe enough to impact your business.

Have Annual Inspections Completed

There are many people that will only contact a plumber when they notice that there is a problem. However, many issues can be avoided by having an annual inspection of the plumbing done by an experienced professional because these problems often develop slowly over time.

During these inspections, the plumber will look for any signs of leaks, worn seals, clogs and rusted pipes. If any of these issues are found, the plumber will be able to diagnose the issue and make a repair recommendation to you. When this problem is not severe, it may be tempting to delay repairs, but this should be avoided because it can allow the problem to worsen and be more expensive to address. In addition to looking for these problems, the plumber may also measure the efficiency of the system and make upgrade recommendations.

Maintaining the plumbing of a restaurant can be a difficult task due to the many issues that can arise. Fortunately, you can avoid the worst consequences of these problems by having an annual inspection done by a plumber as well as monitoring the drains to ensure clogs are not developing. When can help ensure that you do not lose revenue by experiencing major plumbing issues on a busy night.

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