3 Myths About Fiberglass Windows And Doors

Posted on: 19 November 2015


If your windows or doors are getting old, you may be considering replacing them with many different materials, such as vinyl and wood. However, if you aren't considering fiberglass, you're cheating yourself. Fiberglass windows and doors don't always get the respect they deserve, but you can learn the truth about fiberglass by checking out these three myths about fiberglass windows and doors.

Fiberglass Isn't Durable

Fiberglass is actually more durable than many other window and door materials. In fact, it is eight times stronger and can last eight times longer than vinyl windows. Fiberglass is made from fiber reinforced polymer, which makes it strong and impact-resistant. Unlike wood doors and windows, fiberglass doors and windows don't rot. Unlike metal, fiberglass doesn't rust, and unlike vinyl, fiberglass doesn't expand or contrast much in hot and cold temperatures. There is a risk of fiberglass doors warping if you purchase cheap ones that are missing a strong internal frame, so make sure your fiberglass door is quality-built.

It Requires a Lot of Maintenance to Keep Fiberglass Looking Good

Because fiberglass is so durable, fiberglass windows and doors require little maintenance to keep them looking good. They'll need regular cleaning with mild soap and water to remove any dirt and debris. Unlike vinyl, you can also stain or paint the fiberglass the same way you would paint or stain wood, but unprotected fiberglass has UV resistance too. Some complaints about fiberglass is that the paint peels easily, but that really depends on the type of paint or stain you choose. Choosing high-quality finishing materials will lead to less peeling and a fresher appearance that lasts longer.

Fiberglass Is Not Energy Efficient

Fiberglass is often used as insulation inside your walls and attic because it is extremely energy-efficient. This makes it a great option to prevent heat transfer through window frames and doors. Fiberglass has more insulating value than some other materials, such as wood. Fiberglass is comparable to steel doors because both have an R-value of R-5 to R-6. An insulated steel door, however, can reach an R-value of R-15, but a solid wood door only has an R-value of R-2. 

Fiberglass doesn't always seem like the most obvious choice, but fiberglass windows and doors have a lot of benefits over the competitors. If you would like to learn more about fiberglass or a quote on new windows and doors, contact a contractor in your area today.