Don't Just Tear Down That Old Home - Recycle It

Posted on: 25 March 2016


You've purchased an abandoned property and are getting ready to tear it down and build a new home. Before you call in a demolition services company, consider the different ways that you can recycle parts of the house. Instead of loading up the landfill with even more waste, there are likely a number of items and materials that can be recycled. You may even get a little cash for your efforts. Here are some of the areas in and around the old house that you might consider recycling.

Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerators, ovens, stove tops and dishwashers may be refurbished and resold. Some resellers will come out to the house and pick up those old appliances. If you can't get rid of them that way, they may be sold as scrap metal to a local metal recycling company.

Plumbing Fixtures and Pipe

The kitchen and bathroom fixtures, metal sinks, bathtubs and showers can be sold to a scrap metal yard. If not chipped or stained, porcelain sinks, tubs and toilets can be recycled. Fiberglass sinks, tubs and shower stalls can't be recycled. But glass shower doors can, if they are in good shape.

Copper and steel pipe can be recycled if not rusted or corroded through. Iron, galvanized steel and plastic pipe should be thrown away.

Some of the plumbing fixtures in an older home may be considered antiques. Contact an architectural salvage company to evaluate those pieces. They will buy old fixtures and refurbish them.

Carpet, Tile and Wood Flooring

Wall-to-wall carpet can be cleaned and resold, so look for used carpet companies nearby that will take it. The carpet pads underneath need to be thrown away. Any carpet that has become wet should be thrown away, too, because of the threat of mold and mildew.

Marble, granite and ceramic floor tiles can be recycled if not cracked. Some recycling centers will take the cracked tiles to crush and be used as construction fill material.

Wood flooring, especially hardwoods, can be recycled. Composite flooring materials can be recycled, if in good shape.

Asphalt, Wood, and Metal Roofing

Roof materials can be recycled as-is only if they are nearly new. Some recycling facilities will take weathered roofing materials. They will grind up asphalt shingles for use in road construction. Wood shingles can be ground up to put on walking trails in local parks. Metal roof sheets can be sold to scrap metal recyclers.

Other Construction Materials

  • Some companies will take drywall and strip the paper off and recycle it.
  • Bricks and concrete blocks can be recycled if nearly new and not chipped or cracked.
  • Stones used in retaining walls, walkways and for decoration can be sold to a landscaping company.
  • Wall studs and joists can be sold, if they are hardwood, or they can be recycled.