How To Maintain Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

Posted on: 12 April 2016


Custom shower doors look so stylish. They are a huge upgrade from rod and curtain systems. They are also stronger and more unique than sliding shower door kits. Many people choose an enclosure with glass panes that run from the floor to the ceiling. These giant doors not only make it impossible for water to escape from the shower, they also make the room look bigger. Seamless enclosures are also well liked because of their simplistic design. Basically, the custom shower enclosure will almost look like it is one piece of the glass and the door will blend in with the other panels.

Maintaining the Glass and Caulk Lines

The key to maintaining glass shower enclosures is the first wipe them down after each shower if possible. This helps, as does instantly cleaning up water stains. Of course, you will still need to frequently clean the inside and outside with glass cleaner. Vinegar can also help remove water spots. Mix a little vinegar in with some water and wipe down the glass with a sponge.

These cleaning task are pretty easy and straightforward, but cleaning the clear silicone caulk can be a little harder. Mold is most likely to form within the caulk between the seams and where the glass meets the wall. You should try to clean out any mold as soon as you notice discoloration in the caulk. You will probably need to use a mold or soap scum remover to lightly scrub caulk on a regular basis. However, do not scrub too hard as you could rough it up. The problem is that it is hard to recaulk if there is discoloration and you are using a clear product. Of course, I need more clear caulk will not cover up the discoloration underneath. This is why it is advisable to use a color called with the class meets the wall and floor. Then, just use a clear caulk between the seams. You just need to be vigilant with the clear caulk lines and clean them as often as possible.

There are a number of perks to upgrading to a custom shower enclosure. When choosing your product, you might also want to consider the glass in the windows of the bathroom. If you match with tinted glass, you can add some dynamism to the room. Since maintenance of glass enclosures is simple and cheap, many people are making this stylish upgrade.