Advantages And Disadvantages Of Incinerating Toilets

Posted on: 29 April 2016


Incinerating toilets are an alternative type of toilet which is quickly becoming more popular. Like their name suggests, incinerating toilets work by using extreme heat to burn away liquid and solid waste. In doing so, they use no water and produce a fine ash which can be thrown away in your regular trash. Because of this extremely unique method of operation, incinerating toilets come with a number of distinctive advantages and disadvantages. Understanding what incinerating toilets have to offer can help you decide whether or not an incinerating toilet is the right choice for your bathroom. 

The Advantages of Incinerating Toilets

Flexibility: One of the largest advantages of incinerating toilets is the fact that they are completely free from traditional plumbing systems. They can be picked up and moved as you see fit, which gives you much more freedom and flexibility while designing your bathroom. Though not truly portable, as home models tend to be the same size as regular toilets, their lack of fixture to the floor means that you can change the design of your bathroom whenever you want.

Waterless: Incinerating toilets do not make use of any water during their operation (hence their freedom from home plumbing). This will greatly reduce your home's water usage, which has the benefit of helping the environment and reducing your environmental impact, but also saves you a hefty amount on your water bills over time. These savings can help reduce the initial cost of the incinerating toilet.

Odorless: Incinerating toilets are completely odorless, as the waste within them is burned up as soon as it is deposited. This means that you won't have any lingering smells in your bathroom because of backed up sewage lines, forgetting to flush, or a variety of other reasons.  

The Disadvantage of Incinerating Toilets

Energy Costs: Incinerating toilets must be powered to operate, either through electricity or some other fuel source like propane. This represents a long run cost that will continue for as long as you use your incinerating toilet, which can add up over time. The actual cost will depend on how efficient your incinerating toilet is and what fuel source it uses. It should be noted that this increased energy cost of an incinerating toilet is slightly offset by savings on your water bill – depending on the price of water and electricity in your area, you may find that the water savings may be enough to offset the cost of powering your toilet.

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