Tips For An Effective House Remodel

Posted on: 26 July 2016


It's time for you to remodel your home. Perhaps you house is seriously dated, or you'd simply like it to function better with your lifestyle. Whatever the reason, you want a house remodel that's worth the time and effort – plus the expense. Make over your home so that it not only facilitates your daily routines, but the remodel also beautifies your space.

Add More Storage

You can never have too much storage – no matter the room, you want to put away your belongings. As you plan your remodel, find ways to include more storage. For example, consider having a bench seat built in your breakfast nook or window niche. The interior can be used for storage. Likewise, be targeted in your design. Think about what kind of storage is needed in that room, and have it built accordingly. For instance, have the contractors add inserts into your kitchen drawers and cabinets for specific bakeware, small appliances and other kitchen tools.

Keep it Classic

Trends are all well and good in your home – until the next trend hits. Then your room looks dated. When you're considering more permanent colors and additions, stick to the classics. For example, neither shaker doors nor glass panes will ever go out of style for kitchen cabinets. Likewise, consider sticking to a neutral palette for permanent additions, such as wall color or wallpaper. It can serve as a backdrop for décor that changes through the years.

Attend to Interior Doors

Something that often gets overlooked during home remodeling is the interior door. Yet doors are both functional and aesthetic. You can update both the functionality and the look of a room with your choice in doors. For instance, if you replace a solid door with a glass-paned one, more light can filter through. French doors are also chic, which can make a room feel a little more upscale. Alternatively, get creative by replacing a standard sliding door with, say, a barn door. This is especially charming in a farm or country style home.

Work with the Architecture

Your rooms have their own unique architecture. Working with this architecture helps highlight the character of your home. For example, Better Homes and Gardens describes a remodel job that includes accenting a slope-topped wall with stacked stone. The color and pattern serve to create a focal point out of the room's unique feature. You can also do this with trim. Say you have high ceilings. Rather than let them recede into the distance, have contractors add box beams or coffers for visual interest.

Your house remodel should add value both to your home and to your daily living. To get started on your remodel, contact a company like ULF & Associates, LLC.