Need A New Gate? Two Reasons Why Wrought Iron Is The Way To Go

Posted on: 9 August 2016


If you're looking to install a new gate around your home, you have a number of options at your disposal.  Traditional wood or chain-link are two viable options, along with more current synthetic options.  However, there is one choice that you may find to be a superior option: wrought iron.  Learning more about the benefits of wrought iron gates will help you see why it is the ideal choice for your next fencing project.

Wrought Iron Is Highly Malleable

One of the main reasons why wrought iron is such a good choice is because it is highly malleable.  Those beautiful gates that enclose some of the homes that you may have seen in your local community are likely constructed out of wrought iron, especially if the gates feature ornate designs.

Wrought iron is malleable because it is initially a rather soft material.  When you're designing the gate, you can speak with your contractor to let them know how you want your gate to look.  Whether you want to include your initials in the gate, or select another design of an animal or symbol, the fencing professional can then melt the wrought iron down into its purest form.  After molding the requested design, the fencing professional will typically add the fillers that harden the substance so that it is ready to be installed on your premises.

Because wrought iron is so malleable, you'll be able to craft a completely unique gate that helps your home and property stand out from the pack.

Wrought Iron Gates Provide Security & Visibility

Another great feature of wrought iron gates is the visibility that they give you.  Unlike wooden or vinyl gates, which are usually built as a solid wall, wrought iron gates have spaces between the spokes.  You'll be able to look out to see what's happening beyond the borders of your property, rather than being completely shut in.

Security is also a major benefit of wrought iron.  Because of the strength and durability of wrought iron, it will be quite difficult for an intruder to break or cut the bars in order to get onto your premises.  This adds an extra layer of security that can help you feel more peaceful when relaxing at home.

Choosing a wrought iron gate could prove to be an incredibly wise decision.  Contact a fencing contractor like Anvil Iron Works, Inc. so you can begin the process of selecting your new wrought iron gate.