3 Tips For Painting Hallways In Your Home Without Making Them Feel Cramped

Posted on: 29 August 2016


If your home has long hallways, you may be interested in painting them to add a bit of style and help them match the rest of your home. If painting is a goal of yours for the hallways in your home, you should consider what kinds of changes can be made to make the hallway feel more open and less closed off. Before beginning to paint or even purchasing paint from a local home improvement store, you should consider the following tips so that the hallways look great and you won't have any problems do to them feeling cramped or uninviting.

Avoid Darker Colored Paint

The easiest way to ensure that your hallways don't feel cramped is by choosing a paint color that feels welcoming. While darker colored paint can look nice in some rooms, it can often make rooms look smaller, making it a poor choice for a narrow hallway. When picking paint to use in the hallway, it's important that you consider the different colors throughout your home and the style that you're going for, along with simply making sure the walls look bright and open.

Make Sure the Floors and Walls Don't Match

When choosing a paint color for your hallways, it's important that you keep things feeling separate. What this means is making sure that the floor color and the wall colors are different. It can be frustrating to choose a paint color that looks nice at a home improvement store, only to bring it home and discover that it matches your floors. When they match too closely, it can make the hallway feel boxed up and could be a poor look for your hallways, making a starker contrast the better option.

Opt for Semi-Gloss for Easy Cleaning in the Future

In order for the hallway to be clean throughout the years, you should opt for paint that has a semi-gloss finish. The reason for this is due to how much easier it is to wipe up and clean. This can make cleaning your hallway take just minutes and will result in it looking nice and without much care.

Painting your hallways can help make them look very different and can be a good idea if you're feeling like they look a bit drab right now. By keeping the above tips in mind, you'll be able to make sure that the hallways feel like a welcome addition to your home and that you're not making a mistake regarding the color used.