6 Efficient Tips To Avoid Walking A Marathon While Using Your New Galley Kitchen

Posted on: 27 October 2016


If you're limited to a galley style kitchen, it's more important than ever that you are able to design an efficient and functional space to work and cook. Galley kitchens come with their own unique challenges, but you can meet them successfully with a little know-how about the design. Here are 6 top tips for making your galley kitchen the best cooking space you can.

Locate the Triangle. The so-called "work triangle" in the kitchen is the most important area when planning a layout. This work triangle — consisting of the sink, range, and refrigerator — should be placed in a location that's easy to reach, does not have obstacles in the way, and is relatively small. Designing an efficient work triangle is key to making the whole kitchen work better and smarter. 

Use the Vertical. Galley kitchens tend to lack two things: storage and prep space. You can help solve the storage problem by using taller cabinets, even if you have to store a small, folding stepstool nearby to reach some rarely-used items. Tall cabinets may also work to help you free up counter space and make the galley room appear larger.

Place the Sink at the End. Many galley kitchen users like to place the sink in the center, but consider opting for a sink that's near the most-used inside entrance. This way, you can drop things off and finish cleanup without having to traverse the entire length of the kitchen.

Place Appliances on One Side. You have two options when it comes to good galley appliance location: across from each other or all on one side. If the walking area between the counters is wide enough for two people, it may be best to place all the cooking appliances — stove, microwave, mixer, and refrigerator — along one side. This way, one person can be cooking and working with food while someone else is on the other side doing cleanup, entertaining, or prepping. Having appliances on both sides generally ensures that you'll be getting in each other's way more often. 

Be Mobile. Their odd dimensions mean that galley kitchens benefit greatly from having some mobile options for the cooks. This could include a rolling cart that can be moved to provide extra workspace in any area of the kitchen. Try mobile spice racks or a small bin that can substitute for the garbage can so you aren't walking back and forth as much.

Create Stations. Whichever side of the kitchen you place appliances on, try to make "stations" for different purposes to avoid unnecessary walking. The stove, for example, should be the center of a cooking station that's surrounded by storage of pots and pans, cooking utensils, and spices. You can also create a cleaning station near the sink and a food prep station near the refrigerator and/or pantry.

By working within the confines of a galley kitchen's limitations, you can minimize unnecessary movement while simultaneously making your kitchen more enjoyable to use. Who knows? It could become your favorite room in the house. For more information, contact local professionals like Gerald L Scott Custom Cabinetry.