How To Keep Your Heavy Equipment Clean

Posted on: 9 January 2017


To keep heavy equipment functioning properly, it is important that the machinery is cleaned properly. One of the challenges is that it may by time-consuming to properly clean heavy equipment. However, there are some tricks that can be used to complete this process more efficiently. 

Use A Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is one of the most useful tools for cleaning heavy equipment. Cleaning heavy equipment is very complex and doing so by hand can be time-consuming. A heated pressure washer allows for dirt to be lifted from components that would be challenging to clean by hand. The pressure washer is a device that releases highly pressurized water to rinse dirt and debris off of the equipment. Unlike the use of harsh chemicals, which could cause damage to the components, a pressure washer only uses water. The best way to clean using a pressure washer is to dismantle all moving parts before rinsing them down. It is recommended that you use at least 3,000 PSI.

Remove That Grease

A pressure washer is often not enough. Grease will harden and will not come off regardless of how much it is washed. For hardened grease, the only option is to scrape it off. Also, it is easier to remove grease with a suitable degreaser. However, it is important to make sure that the degreaser that is used is safe and is allowed in the jurisdiction that you are cleaning your heavy equipment in.

Maintain A Clean Setting

A large part of keeping heavy machinery clean is maintaining a clean environment for the heavy machinery. It is important to remove unnecessary dust and debris whenever possible. Through use of a ventilation system, it can be effective to remove dirt and dust both to make the environment for the workers safer and to also reduce the degree to which heavy machinery needs to be cleaned. The machinery should never be left outside when it is not in use. Instead, it should be stored in a shed where it will be protected from the elements.

Cleaning your heavy equipment will allow you to use it for longer before you need to have it replaced. However, if you would rather not be responsible for the bulk of the cleanup, it is recommended that you rent a used piece of heavy equipment rather than purchase one. Then, the company you lease the equipment from will be responsible for the cleanup.