Have A Well And Getting An Inspection? What You Can Expect To Happen

Posted on: 24 February 2017


If you have a well at your home, you must get it inspected on a regular basis so you and your family can have safe drinking water. If you have never had this done before, you may not know what the contractor will do. If this is true, below are some things you can expect to happen while they are there.

Do a Flow Test

The contractor will do a flow test, which measures the water level and output, tank pressure, switch contact pressure, and the performance of the well pump. The contractor determines the right flow rate for your well by knowing the number of gallons of water that are drawn down into the tank and how long it takes for the cycle to cut in and cut off.

The pump has to have full pressure, so the contractor will turn off the water for your home through the main shutoff valve. They will then open a water spigot that is located below the pressure tank and measure how many gallons of water are drawn from the tank. When the well pump turns on, the contractor will close the spigot. The amount of time it took for your well pump to turn on is the amount of time between the cut in and cut out.

It is vital that this measurement is done correctly, so you should not do this flow test on your own.

Inspect the Well

It is important that your well meet local codes and regulations to ensure it is safe. This is because if you have water that is not safe, this water may get into your town's water system. Everything on the well will be inspected to ensure it is in good condition and working properly. The contractor will check the cover for any damage, as it must be sealed properly. Wooden covers are prohibited because they are not durable. Instead, you must have a thick, concrete cover. This is because the well cover protects your water from things like insects, small animals, and even snakes.

The pressure switch will be inspected. This switch turns your pump on and off. The pressure gauge will also be checked. This gauge determines the pressure settings of your pump. If there are problems found with these two things, they are easy to replace.

Talk with a well contractor like Valley Drilling Corp about these two things for more details. They can also go over other things they will do during the well inspection.