When Should You Replace Residential Windows?

Posted on: 9 November 2017


The need for residential window replacement crops up every once in a blue moon. How do you know it's time for window replacement? Here are some scenarios when you should consider replacement. 

When the Window Is Cracked

Cracked windows are bad for a few reasons. For one, a crack in the window means it's structurally unstable. It's better to get the window replaced as soon as you can rather than have a crack in the window turn into a broken window, with the crack going all the way through the glass window pane. At that point, you might have a busted window for a few days while you wait for repairs. That leaves your home open to burglary and freezing temperatures. 

The other reason to get a crack repaired is the home insulation aspect; a broken window isn't energy efficient. Then, of course, there is the aesthetic aspect to consider. 

When the Frame or Glass Is Outdated

Believe it or not, it can be more expensive to replace an outdated frame and leave the glass in place than it is to simply replace the entire window and frame. Since mass-produced glass window panes are cut in bulk, they are much easier to make than the custom frames and glass that come separately. Of course, if that's your thing, residential window replacement specialists are also happy to create a new frame or piece of glass for a unique residential window. 

You'll also want to consider replacing your old window frames because outdated windows tend to be less energy efficient than newer models for a few reasons. The materials and insulation are generally less efficient. Older window frames also tend to be warped and to pull away from the window glass. So by keeping an outdated window and frame, you're wasting some money each year on heating and cooling costs. 

When You Can Afford Better

When your income goes up, one of the first home upgrades to consider is better windows. You could, for instance, make the window itself bigger by cutting a larger space for the window. You could have textured or etched glass, or upgrade the window to high security (often double pane) windows. Your home's windows affect the amount and quality of light in your house, and they can also enhance an existing view. Thus, a bit of money spent upgrading your windows can mean a lot. Talk to a residential window replacement specialist or visit websites like http://www.gulfcoastbuildersinc.com for more options.