Wood Vs. Synthetic Roofs

Posted on: 26 January 2018


Many homes, especially those in tract home communities are built with cheap, generic roofs. However, updating your roof material can add some style and utility to your property. So, if you are thinking about changing your roof material yard, there are some important things that you should consider. Most importantly, you need to decide on what roofing material you are going to use.

Wooden Roofs

Wooden roofs are an old-fashioned choice, but they are still very common because homeowners love the way they look. Of course, wood is probably the most high maintenance of all the available residential roofing products. If a wooden roof is not properly treated with sanding and staining, it is going to experience water damage down the line. Many homeowners just don't maintain their wooden roof as well as they should. As a result, if it doesn't last very long, and start to look bad after just a few years.

Synthetic Roofs

If you don't want to deal with the time-consuming maintenance of a wooden roof, you should consider synthetic materials like fiberglass or vinyl. The beauty of synthetic roofing products is that they are waterproof and they never need any painting or staining. This is going to be a significant time and money-saving perk. Another perk of the synthetic materials that they are very easy to construct. Most have modular designs, but the pieces that do need to be cut or easy to work with. That is, cutting vinyl or fiberglass is very similar to cutting wood. You can use the same saws and blades that you used to cut wood. The modular design means that most pieces don't even need to be cut.

Of course, nobody would invest in these synthetic materials if they didn't also look great. Almost every synthetic roofing product on the market is going to have a fake wood texture or print. These finishes don't look exactly like real wood, but it does create the illusion and gives you the scale without all of the maintenance.

In the end, synthetic and wood products can both be a great solution for your roof. You should choose the material that matches best with your existing home style, but also consider if you are going to be able to practically handle the necessary maintenance of a wooden roof. That is, if you don't think you want to deal with restaining wood once or twice every decade, you should stay away from it completely.

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