Consider Hurricane Impact Windows For The Best Home Protection

Posted on: 4 June 2018


If you live where high winds are a possibility, then you want to strengthen the windows in your home as much as possible. The danger of high winds is that the wind picks up debris and hurls it through the air. When a flying trash can or broken tree limb smashes into the glass, a traditional window will shatter to pieces. You can control this risk by having hurricane impact windows installed. Here's some information on how they work. 

Hurricane Impact Windows Won't Shatter

Hurricane impact windows are made to stand up to the force of hurricane-strength winds. The glass won't shatter when something flies into it. It holds together because of a strong layer of film is between the panes of glass. It's possible the glass might break into crumbles, but the pieces are held together by the film rather than falling out and causing the window to fail.

In many cases, hurricane impact windows won't crack or be damaged at all. Some are made to withstand the highest category rating for hurricanes, so they make your home as safe as possible. One reason it is so important to protect the windows during a hurricane is that you don't want glass or debris flying into your home if you're inside riding out the storm.

Impact Windows Keep The Wind Outside

Another important reason to keep the glass intact is that it keeps the wind outside. Once the glass fails, wind roars into your house and causes all kinds of destruction including possible damage to your roof and the structure of your home. When a strong wind blows around the inside of your house for hours, it can destroy many of your valuables that would otherwise be protected if your windows stand strong.

Impact Windows Don't Need Prepping Before A Storm

Another benefit of windows that won't shatter is that your home is always ready for a hurricane. While you usually have a few days warning when a hurricane or bad weather is coming, sometimes bad storms and tornadoes are unexpected. You might not have time to put up window protection, and when you have impact windows, you won't have to worry about it since they are always ready for strong winds.

Impact windows can replace just about every type of window you have in your home now. If you need new windows anyway, then getting the strongest you can afford is worth considering even if you don't live in hurricane territory. If you do live where hurricanes are a frequent threat, then installing hurricane windows could save your home and give you peace of mind when a storm is coming.