It's A Concrete Plan: How To Avoid Risks When Sawing Through Concrete

Posted on: 20 July 2018


If you've got a concrete structure that needs to be sawed, make sure you're prepared for the project before you begin. Sawing through concrete requires precision, skill, and extreme caution. Unlike sawing through wood, sawing through concrete needs to be done in sections, and it needs to be completed methodically. Here are four tips that will help ensure your safety when sawing through concrete.

Never Operate a Concrete Saw Without Training

If you've never operated a concrete saw before, you should make sure that you're properly trained before you begin. Sawing through concrete isn't something you should attempt if you haven't been trained.

Make sure you go through training before you begin using your concrete saw. That way, you can avoid serious injuries.

Always Wear the Proper Protective Clothing

If you're going to be operating a concrete saw, make sure you're wearing the proper protective clothing. Things like short-sleeved shirts and open-toed shoes should never be worn when operating a concrete saw.

Before you begin your project, be sure you're wearing close-toed shoes, a long-sleeved shirt, safety goggles, a breathing apparatus, and sound canceling ear protection. You might not realize this, but concrete cutting can be quite loud. It's also important that you wear heavy-duty gloves while you're working with concrete.

Never Use Dull Blades When Cutting Concrete

It's hard enough to saw through concrete without trying to accomplish the job with dull blades. Not only will your dull blades not cut through the concrete, but they could overheat or bend.

If your saw blade overheats or bends during operation, you could end up with serious injuries. For maximum protection, always ensure that your blade is sharp and in good condition before beginning. Switch blades as often as necessary throughout the cut.

Always Ensure Proper Water Flow to Both Sides of Blade

If your concrete saw requires water, it's essential that you always ensure proper water flow to both sides of the blade. Proper water flow to both sides of the blade prevents overheating and ensures a smooth cut.

While you're making your cut, keep an eye on the flow of water. If you notice a decrease in water flow, you'll need to stop work immediately and repair the problem.

If your next project requires you to cut through concrete, be sure you're ready for the task. The tips provided here will help you avoid safety hazards associated with concrete saws. For more information, contact a company such as Greene Concrete Cutting Inc.