Getting The Most From Your Lawnmower

Posted on: 29 August 2018


A lawnmower is an essential tool for maintaining your lawn. However, homeowners will typically neglect to provide their lawnmowers with the type of maintenance that is necessary. This can contribute to the lawnmower failing and needing to be replaced.

How Do You Care For The Blades Of Your Lawnmower?

The blades of the lawnmower will experience some of the most intense wear during the course of cutting your grass. In addition to the wear from cutting the blades of grass, there will also be rocks, dirt, and sticks. These can also contribute to the blade suffering damage. Making sure that the blade has sufficient clearance and avoiding mowing large pieces of debris can be the best steps for reducing this issue. Furthermore, you may want to periodically clean the blades as this can help to keep them sharp and effective.

What Should You Do To Store The Lawnmower During The Winter?

Depending on whether you have winter grass, you may not need to mow the lawn for many months. To avoid damaging the lawnmower during this period of inactivity, it is important to thoroughly drain the motor of any fluids and to cover the mower. By draining the fluids, you can avoid the risk of them degrading while in the mower as this could lead to clogs and mechanical damages. Covering the mower during these months will limit the amount of moisture and dust that may get on the unit as these two materials can be extremely damaging to the exterior of the mower.

Furthermore, dust can collect in the air intake, which could lead to the motor struggling to function. When it comes time to use the mower again, you will want to perform a thorough inspection prior to adding fluids and using it. Otherwise, you may miss obvious issues that should be corrected, such as rusty blades or other obvious types of damage.

How Can You Stop The Mower From Sending Rocks Flying Through The Air?

One of the most serious hazards when mowing the lawn will be the risk of accidentally sending debris flying through the air. This can lead to broken windows and injuries. Luckily, it is fairly easy to greatly reduce this particular hazard. It is possible to use an attachment to deflect flying debris into the ground or to collect it in a bag. Most new mowers will come with this feature, but if your mower is older or has had this piece torn off, one of these components can be extremely affordable.

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