Notice Warping And Cracking On Exterior Walls? Get New Insulation To Prevent Water Problems

Posted on: 3 April 2019


If you have noticed some warping, cracking or damages to the exterior walls around your home, the problem could be your insulation. If you think there is water between the siding and the building materials or that humidity is a problem, new spray foam insulation can very beneficial.

Any water damages that are problematic or could spread will need to be fixed before new insulation is spread. Here are a few of the things that you will notice when you invest the money to have new spray foam insulation sprayed throughout the exterior walls of your house.

Prevent Leaks and Damages

The insulation will help to prevent future leaks and problems with moisture between the walls and around the home. The spray foam is a barrier and impermeable by water, so the water cannot get through the insulation inside the home.

It also removes the space in between the walls where humidity and condensation can become water problems for the building materials. This prevents mold and mildew development and problems.

Protect Your Home Materials

New exterior wall insulation doesn't just stop potential water leaks and damages, but it protects your home's building materials in the following ways as well:

  • Provide strength and support to the home structure and frame
  • Protect around electrical wires and components
  • Insulate around plumbing and pipes
  • Stop pests from getting in around windows or doors

The insulation is very supportive and protective, and should be blown in the attic to protect that space as well.

Improve Efficiency

Lower energy costs and improved home efficiency is a common reason people replace the insulation in their exterior walls, and one of the greatest benefits of spray foam insulation. If you are looking to stop air loss, preserve your heating and cooling appliances, and lower the electric and gas bills in your home throughout the year, the new insulation will help to maintain the temperature in your home and achieve these things.

The professionals will come out and evaluate where it would be easiest for them to get to the exterior walls, so they can do the least amount of damage. They have to get to all areas in able to ensure that the foal is sprayed properly and that is expands to fill all of the spaces needed, and so it protects the home properly. If you are ready to stop worrying about water problems, get the wall insulation professionals at your property right away.