3 Problems You Need To Be Aware Of With Your Washing Machine

Posted on: 28 June 2019


If you use a washing machine, you should know about some problems you could have with it in the future. This is especially true if your washing machine is older and out of warranty. Below is information about three common problems so you can be ready to get the washing machine repaired.

Does Not Fill With Water

If you start your washing machine and it does not fill with water, there may be a hose that is blocked, or there may be a problem with the inlet screen. Read the user's manual that came with your washer on how to find these parts. Once found, clean each of them. If the inlet screen looks too clogged to clean well, you can replace it with a new screen.

If your washing machine will still not fill with water, this could be due to a faulty lid switch, faulty water level switch, or faulty timer. If any of these switches are not working, you need to contact a professional to repair your washing machine for you.

Does Not Drain

If your washing machine does not drain its water, the drain hose is likely clogged. Remove and clean the drain hose to remove all clogs and dirt. The drain hose likely has water in it, so put a basin under it to catch the water when you remove the hose. If the drain hose looks good, the drive belt may be loose, or the drive belt may be too tight. Consult with the user's manual on how to locate the drive belt and how you can adjust it.

If any of these parts look damaged in any way, you will need to contact a professional washing machine repair contractor to replace them for you. This is important because if you use the wrong parts, you could cause more problems with your machine, and some of these parts can be difficult to replace.

Is Leaking

If you notice water on the floor, the water generally leaks during the spin cycle. In many cases, this means your drain hose is damaged and leaking. If you have a newer washing machine with a front-load door, the water may be leaking around the door. To check this, inspect the seal. The seal may have too much dirt and laundry detergent built up. If this is the case, the door will not seal well, which means water will get out. You can use a damp cloth to wipe around the seal.

If the drain hose is damaged or the seal looks like it is broken in any area, a professional can replace these parts for you.

Talk to a professional for more information about washer and dryer repair.