Need An Office Remodel? Help Employees During This Challenging Time

Posted on: 7 August 2019


Does your office need a major makeover? Many businesses can't prioritize the look of their office or keeping it updated the way they would like to. That means when you do finally get that badly-needed remodel, it is a serious challenge to your entire business and workforce. 

How can you prepare both you and your staff for a large-scale office space renovation? Here are 5 steps to take.

1. Communicate Often. Employees working in the affected area — and even the larger worker community — deserve to be kept well-informed. They will 'buy in' to the project and keep up their positive attitude better when they know the reasons for the interruption and how much they will get out of it. Solicit employee input as much as you can as well. 

2. Create Work Phases. If possible, one of the best ways to minimize work disruption is to create stages, or phases, of the construction. Work with your contractor to find the best scheduling system. If the renovation doesn't involve major structural changes, can you clear out one area and move workers into an adjacent section for the duration? Then, reverse the move in order to finish the other half. If the changes are structural, use rented office space for the most disruptive phases. 

3. Set Up Temporary Areas. Work will continue even though employees don't have anywhere to do it. Among your early preparation efforts should be, then, to secure a suitable work environment for everyone. This is more than simply placing a desk in a corner. It should be a spot they can inhabit as if it were their own for the duration. It should include proper utilities, a large workspace, personal items, necessary technology, and at least a modicum of privacy.

4. Check in With Employees. Once work has begun, don't forget about your displaced workers. Maintain an 'open door' policy regarding concerns or questions during the renovation. Go further, though, by taking the initiative to check in with employees personally. Sit down with them, ask what challenges they face right now, and find solutions together. 

5. Celebrate the Work. When the project is over, have a company-wide celebration. Thank and show respect for affected employees for their resilience and positive attitudes. Hire help to move employees back into the renovated sections, perhaps even using a professional interior decorator to aid employees in creating a positive new environment. And give your hard workers some extra perks, such as days off or the best parking spaces. 

While you can't eliminate all the trouble that a full office remodel causes, you can minimize it and keep your employees both happy and efficient. If you follow these few steps, the result will be visible in your company's bottom line. 

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