Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Look Larger

Posted on: 23 September 2019


It is not always possible to tear out a wall to make a small bathroom larger than what it is. While you will still have a room smaller than you wish as far as actual space, it is possible to give the illusion that the space is bigger. Here are a few tips to take into consideration when planning a remodel.


Soft, pastel colors can help make the room appear larger than it is. Paint the walls in light shades of pink, blue, or green. If you want more color, add accessories that complement the walls. Hang brightly colored towels on bars or place colorful pieces like a toothbrush holder, cup, or small decorations on the toilet back and sink.


Use recessed ceiling lights to add the illusion of height to the bathroom. Place the lights so they light up the whole room, without leaving any dark corners. If there is a painting or other decoration you wish to accentuate, place a light so that it shines on that area, drawing attention to it instead of the small size of the room.


While you may use a larger vanity with a cabinet underneath for storage, it takes up too much space in a small bathroom. A pedestal sink works best for giving the room a larger look. Storage can be accomplished by putting recessed shelves beside the sink or over the toilet. Store extra towels and other necessities in a hall closet.


Large mirrors on the walls and the back of the door reflect space and make a room look bigger. Be sure to use mirrors on both end and side walls to add to the depth and length of the room. In addition, the mirrors provide you with a better view of your whole body when you want to know how you look from top to bottom and multiple mirrors allow you to see both your front and back sides easily.

Just because a bathroom is small does not mean that it can't be useful. When you take the above tips the room won't feel so crowded and people will be able to use it comfortably. Keep extras to a minimum so people can turn around without bumping into things. When everyone works to keep the place uncluttered, you will find that no one really notices how small the area is. Just don't be surprised when everyone starts to take more time in there because it doesn't feel so crowded any more.

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