A Decorative Concrete Floor Could Be The Perfect Choice For Your Home

Posted on: 3 December 2019


Concrete has a long history of durability and versatility when it comes to the construction of homes, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Concrete is even a popular option in flooring, not just for commercial buildings, but also for homes. If you're looking at the pros and cons of different types of flooring, be sure to add decorative concrete to your considerations. Here are some benefits of decorative concrete flooring for your home:

Decorative Concrete Has An Elegant Appearance

You've probably seen concrete flooring many times but didn't even realize you were looking at concrete. Decorative concrete can be stamped into different shapes and finished with different coatings, so it can have an endless number of colors and designs. You can also choose how glossy you want your floors so your floors can be shiny or look like old stone. Concrete floors can take on the appearance of a variety of other types of stone to give your home an elegant touch of luxury, but at a more affordable price.

Concrete Flooring Is Easy To Maintain

One good thing about concrete is that it is so easy to maintain. This is partly due to the nature of concrete and partly due to the sealcoat applied to the top of the flooring. The coating makes the concrete waterproof so you don't have to worry about water or stains seeping into the concrete. The sealcoat also makes it very easy to clean the floor. You can sweep, vacuum, or wet mop to keep the floor free from dust and allergens. Concrete is much more durable than carpet or vinyl and less susceptible to damage than wood, so it's a good flooring choice when you have an active lifestyle or have kids and pets.

The Drawbacks Are Easy To Overcome

Two things you may be leery about with concrete flooring are hardness and coldness. If you're concerned about the hardness of the floor, you can use thick area rugs in bedrooms and other places where your kids and pets will be on the floor. Or you could use mat flooring or rugs in the playroom and in the kitchen where you'll stand for long periods of time. The concern about a cold floor is easy to work around too, and the ability of concrete to transfer heat could even work in your favor by installing radiant floor heating before you put in the concrete floor. With this type of system, heat will pass through the concrete to warm up the floor and heat your entire house.

Concrete flooring might be the ideal choice for your home and lifestyle. Decorative concrete would be a beautiful addition to your home and provide decades of service without the need for much care.