Worried About Painting An Old Shed? 3 Tips For The Best Results

Posted on: 10 January 2020


If you have an old shed in your yard, you may have been thinking for a long time about what you can do to improve the way it looks. If the paint has begun to fall into bad condition and you're looking to make it one of the more appealing features in your yard, it's smart to take care of painting again. Whether you have the painting done on your own or you find a professional to help out, consider the following tips that can help make sure that the shed turns out how you like.

Get Chipped Paint Removed

The first thing you want to do to get your shed ready for painting is to make sure that all the chipped paint is safely removed. Pressure washing the side of the shed to remove a lot of the dirt and following through with careful paint removal can make sure that your shed is as ready as possible for new coat of paint. Avoiding layering the shed with multiple layers of paint can ensure that your shed looks its best for the years to come and that you won't be frustrated with the shed looking dingy.

Pick the Color Based on Your Home

Taking a good look at the exterior of your home can help a lot with deciding on a color that's going to be a good match for your shed. Taking inspiration from the overall exterior color as well as the trim and even the landscaping can help a lot with finding colors that would be a good match for how you want the shed to look.

Make Durability the Priority

When repainting the shed, it's smart to make sure that the paint is not going to begin chipping away when exposed to the weather outside. Since it can be frustrating to have your old shed be damaged due to exposure to the sun and rain, you need to look for paint that is recommended for outdoor use so that the shed can be painted and you won't need to worry about lasting damage.

As you prepare for painting the old shed, you need to look into what you can do to make sure the results look great and will last. Instead of the shed beginning to chip away and being unsightly in your yard, you can work on painting so that it becomes a focal point and a feature that you'll be happy to see when looking outside.

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