Scale Buildup: A Serious Threat To Your HVAC Equipment

Posted on: 24 February 2020


Commercial HVAC systems are made of many different components. Each of these components needs to be in working condition for the system to heat and cool your commercial space properly.

Scale buildup can seriously compromise the efficiency of your HVAC components. Scale buildup is essentially a layer of mineral deposits that is left behind when water within the HVAC system evaporates. Over time, the mineral deposits harden and can interfere with the performance of your HVAC system.

Restricted Water Flow

One of the ways that scale buildup can damage your HVAC system is by restricting the flow of water through the system. Small pipes and tubes can become closed off when scale buildup lines their interior walls.

An improper flow of water can cause the HVAC system to overheat, ruining essential components. You need to have an experienced HVAC technician clean your equipment on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs and part replacements due to scale buildup.

Premature Failure

Commercial HVAC systems are costly to install. You want to protect your equipment from premature failure so that you can maximize your investment in your HVAC system. Allowing scale buildup to remain on vital HVAC components can cause them to experience a catastrophic failure.

The scale buildup acts as an insulator that prevents the proper transfer of heat. Your HVAC system will overheat, and you will have to replace the major components that have been affected by the overheating process.

Investing in routine maintenance for your commercial HVAC system is the best way to avoid premature equipment failure and keep your building running efficiently.

Inefficient Cooling

With the summer months approaching, you will start to rely on your commercial HVAC system to cool your commercial space on a daily basis. Inefficient cooling caused by scale buildup can compromise the comfort and safety of your commercial space.

The scale buildup absorbs heat rather than allowing it to be released from the HVAC system. This absorption prevents your HVAC system from cooling air properly, making it difficult to maintain the right temperature inside your commercial space.

You will end up spending significantly more money when inefficient cooling plagues your building. Have an HVAC technician inspect and clean your equipment often to ensure your HVAC system is capable of efficiently cooling your commercial space when outdoor temperatures rise.

It can be easy to overlook scale buildup on your HVAC equipment, but doing so could have disastrous consequences. Work with an HVAC company like Associated Mechanical Services Co to protect your equipment from scale buildup in the future.