Why it's a Good Idea to Be Present for a Home Inspection

Posted on: 11 September 2020


The home inspection is an important part of any home purchase. It can reveal problems you would not have noticed on your own, give you a better idea of how much you should reasonably offer for the home, and keep you from buying a money pit. Since home-buying often comes with so many obligations and appointments, you might initially jump at your agent's offer to be present at the home inspection so you don't have to be. However, this is not usually the best choice. If you can somehow manage to be present at the inspection in-person, that is the best approach for the following reasons.

You can ask questions 

When you actually walk through the house with the inspector, you can ask questions as they come to mind. This will help you better understand the severity and complexity of any issues that the inspector does point out. While you can always reach out to the inspector with questions after the fact, most people don't have as easy of a time thinking of questions when they're not present for the actual inspection.

You will visually see what the inspector is talking about

If you don't attend and just look over the inspection report later, you may see notations such as "leaky faucet" and "crack in foundation" without any real concept of how severe these problems are or are not. By actually being present at the inspection, you can observe the severity for yourself. For example, you'll know that the leaky faucet is just dripping a little and should be an easy fix—or you'll know that the foundation crack is severe and something that should make you change your mind about buying the house.

You will know what isn't addressed

Home inspections do not always involve a look-over of everything. For example, most inspectors do not inspect the main sewer line or actually climb up on the roof for a close look. If you're present for the inspection, you will know what the inspector did not look at, and you can then decide whether you need to hire a specialist to take a look at these parts and pieces. You won't just assume the sewer line is fine because the inspection report says nothing about it, only to move in and realize there's an issue.

If it's at all possible to be present for the home inspection, you should be there. Doing so will help ensure the rest of the home buying process goes smoothly.