Advantages And Disadvantages Of Incinerating Toilets

Posted on: 29 April 2016

Incinerating toilets are an alternative type of toilet which is quickly becoming more popular. Like their name suggests, incinerating toilets work by using extreme heat to burn away liquid and solid waste. In doing so, they use no water and produce a fine ash which can be thrown away in your regular trash. Because of this extremely unique method of operation, incinerating toilets come with a number of distinctive advantages and disadvantages.
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How To Maintain Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

Posted on: 12 April 2016

Custom shower doors look so stylish. They are a huge upgrade from rod and curtain systems. They are also stronger and more unique than sliding shower door kits. Many people choose an enclosure with glass panes that run from the floor to the ceiling. These giant doors not only make it impossible for water to escape from the shower, they also make the room look bigger. Seamless enclosures are also well liked because of their simplistic design.
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Don't Just Tear Down That Old Home - Recycle It

Posted on: 25 March 2016

You've purchased an abandoned property and are getting ready to tear it down and build a new home. Before you call in a demolition services company, consider the different ways that you can recycle parts of the house. Instead of loading up the landfill with even more waste, there are likely a number of items and materials that can be recycled. You may even get a little cash for your efforts. Here are some of the areas in and around the old house that you might consider recycling.
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Outlet Sparking: What's Normal And Why They Could Be Sparking

Posted on: 23 February 2016

There are a number of different reasons that your home's outlets could be sparking, some more benign than others. Know the reasons that your outlets are sparking so that you can take the proper course of action when it occurs so that you can prevent fire or electrical damage to your home.  Normal Sparking VS Abnormal Sparking First, you should know some degree of sparking of your outlets is normal, but these sparks should be tiny and brief and a blueish color and are caused by the rapid draw of electricity from the grid to your appliance.
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